Becoming a Laurel

Oh HEYYYYYYY! So last weekend on Saturday September 28th, 2019 I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. When I started this blog, I intended it to be used solely as a gallery to showcase my portfolio and my research documentation. Therefore, I have have one other blog post which was written four years ago. At the time, I had been an apprentice for two and half years and I was completely overwhelmed with how much I had to learn. Since then, I have learned an incredible amount in the subjects of art history, period techniques, geography and my inner self. Of course the thing that becomes glaringly obvious is that the more I learn, the more I don’t know, and that’s how it should be!!

Along the way, my goals changed. Originally my goal was to learn as much as possible and grow my portfolio in both size and diversity of styles of illumination. While that is still and always will be my goal, I have new priorities. My new goals include inspiring new artists to reach their potential and get excited about their craft, help artists overcome imposter syndrome and encourage others to think for themselves.

That last goal is particularly important. During my journey as an apprentice, I had come to realize that if I had listened to any of the advice I had gotten from Laurels at the time, I would not be a Laurel today. This was not their fault! I genuinely think they meant to help and save me grief. However, I am crazy and I love being crazy. That means I will do things despite not necessarily needing to do them to accomplish my goal. Making brushes out of squirrel fur? Definitely did not need to do that. Making paint for a lot of my work? Nope. Sometimes working without electric lights? Nope. But I did it and I learned a ton. This doesn’t mean I think Laurels or other experienced people should be ignored! Everyone has their reasons and that’s amazing. I always take different opinions into consideration, but overall I learned to go with my gut. In fact, my laurel said this to me when I first became his apprentice:

“To become a Laurel, you must do something exceptionally well, or something that has not be done before”

He was absolutely right. The thing he didn’t tell me was that doing these things would ruffle some feathers. And yikes did my craziness ever ruffle those feathers! But! I got through it and I kept on being myself and doing my thing. My main purpose was always to make the person that received my art happy and I’ll never stop making that a priority ever ever never.

In conclusion, I did stuff and got the thing along the way. The Laurel was never the end game for me. As a result, my portfolio will always keep growing and I have so many articles I want to write and lessons I want to share!!!

Master Onóra out!!!!

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